PRISMA Integration works with a broad spectrum of industries, providing solutions that improve performance, reliability, and profitability as we help our customer realize their Automation and Data Integration goals. Some examples of the PRISMA Integration scope of experience include Heavy Steel Material Handling Control, Furnace Control, Aluminum Extrusion and Handling Control, Metal Finishing Control, Heat Treating Control, Bulk Material Handling Control, Material Stamping Control, Metal Forming Control, Welding and Paint Line Automation, Food and Dairy Production.

Metals Production and Processing

PRISMA Integration provides complete Automation and Systems Integration Services for the Metals industry,including Furnace Controls, Caster Control, Metals Handling Equipment, Process Machinery Automation, Metals Extrusion Control, Stamping and Forming Control. Complete Design, Programming, and Support capabilities for machine-level control as well as Data Acquisition, Reporting, and Management and Custom Software Solutions are available to enhance every aspect of you business model. We have extensive experience in the Tubular Metals Industry.

Rubber and Plastics

PRISMA Integration offers a complete line of Automation Controls and Data Management tools for Raw Materials Processing, Winders, Extruders, and Material Handling Equipment, Conveyor Systems, and Forming Machines. All of PRISMA Integrations' Solutions are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific application.

Food and Dairy

PRISMA Integration has experience with developing and modifying controls for a wide variety of food and dairy plant applications to increase productivity and efficiency. Our project knowledge includes Clean In Place (CIP), Metering Systems, Batching Systems, Temperature, pH and Level Controls, Data acquisition and Recipe-based system controls. Dairy and Cheese industry specific areas of operation include Receiving, HTST, Starter room, Makeroom and Product handling.

General Automation Control

PRISMA Integration has designed and developed custom Automation and Data Acquisition Solutions for a wide variety of applications. Such applications include Weighing Systems, Bulk Material Handling, Service Automation, Inventory Control, Overall Machine Effectiveness Reporting, Down Time Reporting, Quality Control Reporting, Motion Control Solutions, etc.