PRISMA Integration provides a complete line of services designed to keep your existing operations competitive. Every aspect of production and business data acquisition is addressed within our comprehensive service capabilities.

Onsite Maintenance and Technical Support

Have a machine, control system, or motor control center with which you need technical assistance? The PRISMA Integration team can help you troubleshoot PLC/PAC Systems, Field I/O, Drive Systems, HMI/SCADA and PC Systems, and a wide range of on-machine and field devices that connect to these controls. The PRISMA Integration team provides the technical know-how to help you troubleshoot, repair, and return to production quickly and cost-effectively.

Electrical Control System Upgrade and Retrofit

Need to improve the performance or replace outdated controls? Replacement Parts for an aging control system getting difficult to find or too expensive to justify? PRISMA Integration provides complete upgrade and retrofit services for all types of machine control. From Project Design to Control Installation and Startup, PRISMA Integration provides the technical expertise to help you succeed every step of the way. PRISMA Integration will develop the solutions that help you succeed at leveraging existing equipment hardware to utilize the latest in control technology solutions.

Data Collection, Storage and Reporting

Imagine the cost savings and operational efficiency that can be achieved by automating Process Data Collection and Reporting. PRISMA Integration provides development and installation services for all your Data Acquisition needs. HMI/SCADA Applications, Database Data Transactions, and custom solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio will help you follow the information from the production floor all the way to the Executive Board Room. See your production operations clearly using custom solutions from PRISMA Integration.

Machine Wiring

The PRISMA Integration team includes electricians and electrical service personnel to install on-machine Components, install conduit, and perform all the wring and hook-up tasks required to get your automation installed and running. Our professional staff will insure that all your installation needs are met in a timely and professional manner, making your project startup short and getting your process running quickly.

Replacement Parts Services

Need help identifying and specifying spare or replacement components? The PRISMA Integration Engineering Team will help you cross reference and specify replacements for hard to find and out of production components. Minimize downtime and improve performance by using PRISMA Integration to help you solve your most troublesome part availability issues.